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Getting Over My Paralyzing Fear of Bed Bugs

January 8, 2011

I have avoided movie theaters for months now, paralyzed with fear that there are bed bugs there and I will bring them home, infect my entire house, spend thousands of dollars getting rid of them and having to throw away everything in my house that can’t be exposed to 1000 degree temperatures (because I hear that’s really the only way to truly get rid of them).

Well after exhibiting all the patience on earth, my darling husband had finally had enough of my “nonsense” and convinced me to go to a movie.  Being that there are so many movies out right now that I really want to see, I acquiesed and we decided to go see True Grit (the link contains spoilers) last night.


Have you seen it?  GO SEE IT!

One of the best movies I have seen in a LONG time.  It’s narrated by a woman, who, when she was 14 hired a US Marshall to avenge the murder of her father (don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler); the movie is told entirely from her perspective.  The characters are incredible, the acting is sensational and visually, the moving is stunning.

Don’t even get me started on Jeff Bridges.

Even if you aren’t into “westerns”, you will really love this movie (unless you only like the Scream movies or 27 Dresses, then you probably won’t be too impressed).

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 95%.  I give 100%.  There is absolutely nothing I would change.  Perfect.  Brilliant.  The best movie of the year, I predict.

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