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Shut Up

January 10, 2011

It is not my intention to make this blog political in any way. I think there is a time and a place for politics; a time and place for debate about political ideology. On the whole, this blog is not one of them.

However, today, as the news reports have begun to shift from news of the condition of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of the horrible tragedy on Saturday, to snarls and snears from one political party to another, blaming each other for what happened, I am struck and I have something to say.

Let’s all just shut up.

This kind of toxic rhetoric gets us nowhere. It makes us hateful, spiteful, and full of antagonism for the sake of antagonism. It doesn’t help solve anything.

So, please, let’s all just shut up.

And if you really need to talk, talk about what you are going to do to make sure things like this don’t happen again. The irony is that this devisive rhetoric, it is what spurns on people like the young man who perpetrated this terrible crime.

So, seriously, let’s all just shut up.

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  1. Cathy Rion permalink
    January 10, 2011 8:50 pm

    I feel you, Melissa. And isn’t that the question (“what you are going to do to make sure things like this don’t happen again”). What ARE we going to do?
    Today is my day off, which means I’ve been offline all day and NOT following the rhetoric — is anyone calling for vigils everywhere? Gun control and mental health services legislation? Serious critiques of Palin and other inciters of violence?
    I don’t know what we need to do – what I’ll do. But I do know that my feeling is more “tune out,” and that’s NOT a helpful response.

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