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A Treat for Me

January 29, 2011

First, yoga was amazing, of course.  It felt so good to be there with such amazing people and the practice was great and a little bit of an adventure to try out poses and see how my foot reacted.  All in all, the foot handled things really well.  There were a couple of things that I backed off of, like some vigorous standing poses like Dancer and Eagle, but all in all, I was pleasesntly surprised how well I did.

After yoga David and I ran a bunch of errands (including buying a “self-propelled” lawn mower) and I bought myself a new all-purpose purse, shoulder-bag thing.  I have been wanting something that I can sling over my shoulder for awhile now (ever since a blue pen exploded in my old, beloved orange Eagle Creek bag), but I never found a perfect replacement.

But today at REI, I found it.

It has the perfect amount of room, great pockets and is the perfect size.  I love it and I’m so happy to have something that I can carry around every day instead of lugging my heavy work tote around with me wherever I go.

The company who makes it (Sherpani) is also really environmentally conscious a a bunch of the material for the bag is recycled, so everyone wins!

I’m pretty easily excited about things like this and even though I know that material things aren’t what makes us happy or whole, it is nice and fun to get something that you have been wanting for awhile that will make your life a little easier (even if it is just a purse).

Hope everyone has a GREAT Saturday!


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