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8 Favorite Things

May 10, 2011

1. Le Pain Quotidien 4 Red Fruit Preserves

If you happen to be so lucky to live in Southern California, Washington DC, New York, or Pennsylvania, you really must try this charming and delicious boulangerie called Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ). I discovered it while on a trip to the LA-area two weeks ago and fell head-over-heels for their 4 Fruit Preserves. Made with red currant, cherries, raspberries and strawberries, this is BY FAR the best jam I have ever had. After eating breakfast at LPQ, I promptly spent $8 on a jar to take home. I would have paid double, honestly (don’t tell my husband!) My only regret is that I didn’t buy two as I have eaten it every day since I bought it and LPQ doesn’t sell their wares online.

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2. MAC StudioFix and Cremesheen Lip Gloss

The first part of my pregnancy had me wondering if I was about to be a Mom or a teenager again as my face broke out in worse acne that I had even in my most pimply teenage days. Being that pregnancy bars you from using the usual arsenal of acne-fighting products like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, I was forced to suffer through and hope that my make-up was helping my look a little less like a pizza-pie. When I ran out of the make-up I had been using, I decided to take a trip to the MAC counter and stock up on some of my old favorites. Among them is StudioFix which is a powder foundation that I have always adored. I was very happy to find out that it did an even better job of covering my “unfriendlies” that my liquid foundation was doing and I felt a little more pretty. Always a good thing when your body doesn’t really resemble your body anymore….


A fun purchase that day was a new lipgloss–called Cremesheen in Just Superb, it’s a perfect spring/sumer pink and I have a feeling I will be returning for a second tube before the season is over.

3. Gap Maternity 

I received scads of advice to hold off buying maternity clothes for as long as possible; to use hair ties and other tools to help keep my pants closed and to even buy bigger regular sizes rather than fore into the world of maternity. I am SO glad I didn’t listen. Maternity clothes are not only super cute but they are WAY WAY WAY more comfortable than regular clothes. The stretchy panel on all the pants? HEAVEN. The length of the shirts? Genius. I am especially in love with the black work pants I bought from the Gap’s maternity line–they are super cute and the most comfortable pants I have ever worn to work.

4. Kindle

I received a Kindle from my parents and brother for my 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I have been wanting one for awhile now, mainly because I LOVE the idea of being able to order a book and start reading it right on the spot. I have read one and am in the middle of a second now (and have a third waiting for me when I finish). So far, it’s perfect and I’m not missing the physical books in the least.

5. Baked potatoes with sour cream and A-1 sauce (don’t judge)

I have always loved baked potatoes with A-1 sauce instead of sour cream. I started eating them that way when I was young, probably because we didn’t have any sour cream in the house (my Dad hates it) and over time, it probably morphed into a desire to keep fat and calories down. With plenty of sour cream in the house now and still a love of the A-1/baked potato combo, I am now eating my baked potatoes with half sour cream and half A-1 sauce (and also mixing them together sometimes). I’m seriously sorry if the thought of this makes you want to hurl, but to this pregnant lady, it’s a combo worth writing about 🙂

6. Nightgowns 

As my belly grows and my pajama pants have gotten too tight to wear, I decided to forgo pajama pants altogether and start wearing nightgowns to bed. Having not worn a nightgown since I was 5 or so, I didn’t know what options would be available. Much to my delight, I found a really soft sleeveless one at Target for $18–not too short and not too long and I Iove it. It’s super soft and comfortable–I have a feeling I will be wearing it (or its bigger cousin) from here till October (and maybe beyond).  It’s the Gilligan & O’Malley Fluid Knit Chemise in Banker’s Grey in case you are in the market.

7. Yoga 

Over the past couple of weeks I have been back at my beloved Three Dog Yoga twice a week for Flow class after a long absence, first for my broken foot and then because of a rough first trimester of my pregnancy. It is so wonderful to be back in a community that I love doing something that really nourishes my body and my soul. I have been thinking of it not just as a time for myself, but also a time for me and the baby. We’re doing this together, after all. I anticipate being able to feel the little one move around in the next couple of weeks and I’m excited to see if he/she moves around a lot during yoga practice. 🙂

8. Hammock 

This past weekend David and I bought a hammock for the backyard. I can tell already that I am going to be spending A LOT of time in it this summer, reading and relaxing….  In fact, I shall read my Kindle on it while eating a piece of crusty bread with jam!

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  1. Laura Thuma permalink
    May 11, 2011 4:12 am

    Number 8 sounds perfect. That hammock looks mighty inviting.

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