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Snips and snails and puppy dog tails….

June 1, 2011

Baby Boy at 13 weeks--he's 7 weeks older now!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I had a strong feeling that we were having a boy. Strange, since everyday before that, I felt absolutely SURE that we were going to have a girl first. So convinced was I (were we), in fact, that we referred to the baby’s room as “Ollie’s Room” (Ollie is short for Olivia which is our girl name).

The fact that I was convinced from the moment of that positive pregnancy test that this little creature growing inside of me was a boy, made me even more convinced of my conviction.

Last week my first “Mother’s Instinct” was confirmed when David and I found out that this little baby is in fact, a boy. I could not be happier or more excited.

There are so many reasons.

Boys love their Mamas fiercely (so I have heard)

I know more about baby boys than baby girls since I was nearly 12 when my little brother was born

There’s something incredibly sweet and emotional about picturing David with his son.

He’s going to be mine.

Now that we know he’s a he, I feel closer to him already, and I’m even more excited for the next 19 weeks to hurry up and go by so I can meet this precious little piece of heaven that we are so blessed to be having.

 Thank heavens for little boys!

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