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Favorite Time of Day + some other stuff

June 20, 2011

For the last couple of months, thanks to the little bruiser in my belly, I have been having a hard time sleeping.  As such, I have been having an even harder time getting up in the morning, exhausted from all the tossing and turning, getting up to use the bathroom, and general mind-racing insomnia.

I decided to change my routine to see if that brought any relief and it did!  Yahoo!  I still needed to buy a Boppy pregnancy pillow (whoever invented that thing should be sainted), but the new routine has been great.

I have been showering at night–going upstairs around 9:30, taking my time doing my shower, cocoa butter, relaxation thing and it has turned into my very favorite time of day.  It’s time for myself (well time for me and the baby) to just relax and it helps me unwind and helps my thoughts from swirling out of control the moment my head hits the pillow.

I look forward to my nightly routine immensely and I’m soaking up as much of it as I can since I know that in about 4 months, it’s all out the window!

What’s your favorite time of day?  Do you have a nighttime routine that really helps you relax for bed?


I work in a building that has different suites with different types of businesses and offices.  It’s a pretty small building and my floor only has 3 suites.  All of the suites on each floor share bathrooms–there are two and they are single-person.

And…it’s really creepy and grosses me out when I can see one of the people from one of the other suites walking into the bathroom carrying a book or newspaper.  I mean, I just don’t need to know, you know?


Sometimes when a blog idea occurs to me, I send myself a quick email to remind myself of the idea.  And then I proceed to get really excited when I see that I have an unread message.  Even though I just sent it to myself.  Duh.

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