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Why The Internet Is A Terrible Place For Pregnant Women

August 31, 2011

I admit that during this relatively easy and uneventful pregnancy, I have had my fair share of “freak out” moments that had me fearful, nervous and full of motherly anxiety.

I have generally tried to stay away from the internet to answer questions and look up whether something I was experiencing was “normal” because after only a few dalliances in the world of pregnancy message boards, I realized that not only is the internet not a good source of information in many cases, but it made me feel worse.

That is, until I innocently looked up “fetal hiccups”.  My darling boy has been getting them a lot lately and I heard a rumor that it actually means that a baby’s lungs are developing well, so I decided to see if that rumor had any merit.  Enter the HUGE mistake of Googling “fetal hiccups”.  HUGE mistake.  Out of the 100 or so hits, exactly 2 said that fetal hiccups can be a sign of umbilical cord compression and that if you notice your baby has an uptick in number and duration of hiccups in utero, you should contact your doctor immediately.

So I did what any mother would do:  I freaked out.  I slept little that night.  I emailed my doctor first thing the next morning.  I freaked out all day–my doctor (very uncharacteristically, I might add, never emailed back).  Finally, while I was making dinner, David forced me to call the Labor & Delivery Department and ask them about this.  When the nurse got on the phone she said “I have never heard of that in my life”.  So that was the end of that freak-out.  My doctor finally got back to me today (she was stuck in NY because of the hurricane) and said “I have never heard of that, so I ran it by one of our high risk doctors and he had never heard of it either”.

So, here’s the lesson, my friends:  the internet is a terrible place for pregnant women.

Thank god I only have 6 more weeks of this nonsense.  And then, you know, like 18 more years of worry after that….

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