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Fridge Must Haves

September 14, 2011

I would venture to guess that most people have a list (small or large) of things that they must have in their refrigerator at all times.  My list has evolved over the years, but as long as these things are in my fridge, I will never go hungry:

1.  Organic skim milk–this is the most important thing for me to have in my fridge.  I drink a lot of milk (always have) and must have a bowl of cereal nearly every single morning for breakfast.  If I know that I have run out of milk, I wake up already feeling like the day has started on the wrong foot.

2.  Sour cream–I eat a LOT of sour cream and I know this might be a controversial “must have”, first because sour cream is really not good for you and second because a lot of people REALLY don’t like sour cream (like my Dad–he hates it).  Alas, I probably go through a tub of sour cream every week and a half (and yes I realize how bad that sounds).

3.  Tabasco Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce–this is a find in the recent past few years and I am completely obsessed with it.  The list of things I eat it on is ever-expanding and I have yet to put it on something that didn’t work.  Pizza, Mexican (obviously), soup….

4.  Parmesan cheese–a staple in my fridge for years, again, because there is so much it’s good on.

5.  Tortillas–this is a very recent addition to my list when I realized that I was buying them every time I went to the grocery store.  I mostly use them to make cheese quesadillas which have been on my “must eat constantly” list throughout my pregnancy.  Of course, they are also loaded with Tabasco and sour cream.

6.  Condiments–when I asked my husband if he had any obvious things to add to my list (to be sure I wasn’t missing anything), he said “condiments are your big thing”, which is absolutely true.  In addition to the sour cream and Tabasco, I also pretty much always have ranch dressing, A-1 sauce (if you haven’t tried A-1 on a baked potato, you haven’t lived) and mustard.

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