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Day 7

January 7, 2012

Subject:  Kalen on baby video monitor

Camera:  iPhone

Comments:  What you are looking at represents a pretty big step in this mother’s mothering.  I finally decided I was ready to let Kalen sleep in a room alone for awhile.  So right at this moment David and I are sitting in our living room watching “Portlandia” and Kalen is blissfully asleep in his bassinet.  In our room.  Which is upstairs.  At least a 30 second walk away.  15 seconds if I’m sprinting.  What is making this possible?  BRAVERY on my part (thankyouverymuch–New Years Resolution kept) and a really, really high quality night vision video baby monitor which is allowing me to see every single move he makes.  Seriously, I can see him breathing and I can even see the binky move in his mouth.  I only look at it about…mmm…30 times a minute.  Progress!

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