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Day 15

January 15, 2012

Subject:  Sriracha

Phone:  iPhone

Comments:  I had heard about Sriracha a few times since moving to CA, but it wasn’t until this post from one of my favorite food blogs that I really made a mental note to try it.  The opportunity presented itself this afternoon in Petaluma when David and I stopped for lunch at this restaurant whose menu featured both thai food and quesadillas (the food was very “eh”).  The waitress brought over a selection of hot sauce, one of which was Sriracha.  I immediately squeezed some on my plate, dipped my finger in and was immediately in love.  On our way home I had to stop at the grocery store and picked up our very own bottle.  And at like $2.59, it’s the cheapest hot sauce I have ever purchased.  I put some on my taco tonight and was again pleased at how tasty Sriracha is.  Only one problem:  it’s REALLY spicy so I can’t use a whole lot of it since I’m nursing.  However, David also enjoys it AND it will still be here in 9 months!  Point of the story:  if you like spicy stuff and you aren’t nursing, buy some Sriracha.  And when you say it, say Siiirraaachaaaaa!

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