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Day 22

January 22, 2012

Subject:  New Car

Camera:  iPhone

Comments:  Got a new car yesterday; my first “mom” car and also my first SUV.  A Ford, of course, because I will ALWAYS be a Ford girl.  This is my second car since we have lived here which is probably strange for most people outside of the Detroit area, but not-so-strange for us Detroiters, I think.  Leasing vehicles is a much more common practice in Detroit than the other places I have lived, so it’s not so unusual to get a new car every 2 years (or 24,000 miles)  🙂

Whenever I’m in a car dealership, I always mentally reminisce about the various cars I have had….

My first car was a Pacific Green Ford Ranger (that’s a pick-up truck for those of you who don’t know), lovingly named Rita.  I got Rita when I was a junior in high school and I worked my first job at Einstein Bagels so I could pay the monthly payment (which was $170).  Pretty much every penny I made went to paying for that car, but I didn’t even mind.  I absolutely loved her and when I had to turn her in after two years (it was a lease), I was truly, truly sad.

The other cars on my resume include a white 2000 Ford Focus (the first or second model year they were out, and no offense, Dad, but they had some MAJOR kinks to work out), a black 2003 (??) Ford Taurus, a black 2011 Ford Focus (the definitely worked out the kinks–the Focus is a great car) and now my blue 2012 Ford Escape.  I am very excited to have more room for Kalen’s gear (his stroller hardly fit in the trunk of the Focus) and more room for tall passengers (I think my Dad might actually be able to sit in the back seat of the Escape without getting leg cramps).

I feel very lucky to have had some great cars in my life and very proud that every single one of them has been a Ford.

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