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January 2, 2011

Taking down Christmas decorations is always a bit melancholy, isn’t it?

Every year since I moved away from my parents’ house, I have been glad to dodge the traditional day after New Years de-trimming of the tree.  Watching the beautiful ornaments be put back in their boxes for another year always makes me a bit weepy.

Today is the first time since I left home that I have decorations to take down, but surprisingly I’m not at all sad about it.  Maybe because I have so much to look forward to in 2011, maybe because I’m growing up (nah, can’t be that!) or maybe because I have really, thoroughly enjoyed the decorations for about a month now.

Whatever the reason, I’m thankful to have had my first Christmas in our new home, but also happy to bid adieu to the holidays and move on with life!

Happy New Year to everyone–here’s to a non-melancholy day for all of you who will be un-decorating today!

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  1. Laura Thuma permalink
    January 2, 2011 9:36 am

    Well honey, I’m glad you were not sad saying goodbye to the holidays but I can’t say the same for us. EJ had a sad day yesterday knowing the holidays were coming to an end for another year. I will be sad as I take the ornaments off the tree and pack them away. Dad has his projects to distract him so he is okay. Hating to see the holiday go make them that much more special when they come again. xoxoxoxoxo p.s. Cool that you’ve started blogging.

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